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if you’re excited for new SHIELD clap your hands

if you’re worried for Fitz and how the writers handle his condition clap your hands

if you’re excited but aware, and you’re emotionally unprepared

if you’re excited for new SHIELD clap your hands





A+ would actually pay for


Though there would have to be more than two sexes

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Uh, suddenly Korrasami screencap redraws at 4 am.



Yesterday I found this gif and I just needed to upload it. This is soooooooo hilarious.



What’s wrong Cullen?  Aren’t you HAPPY to see Hawke again?

Pretty sure Cullen is going to stress cry when he sees Alaro Hawke coming.


'We're the only ones that didn't go home for Christmas-College AU'

The hallway is absolutely freezing when she steps out of her room and Asami instantly regrets leaving the age, warm confines. Her breathe comes out in short, white puffs as she hastens through the courtyards. The University is practically empty, with a few, random students milling around the cafe and parking lot, suitcases in tow as they wait for their buses.

The heel of her boots blacked rhythmically against concrete as she walked briskly through the square. Her scarf was drawn up over her nose, shielding her from the harsh, biting winds. Winter had never exactly been Asami’s favorite time of year. She wasn’t exactly suited for the cold. Which was partly why this particular year was so disappointing. Her gloved fingers delved into her satchel, seeking out her phone. She jabbed impatiently at her messages folder and swiped through the conversations she had attempted to initiate with her Father. The majority of them went unanswered. Her eyes burned and she shook her head, the curls shaking around her cheeks. The phone was shoved back into the pocket of her bag and she started towards the campus library.

She reached the tall, wooden doors, and reached for the handle.

"It’s closed."

Asami jerked away, turning sharply on her heel. Her hand fell at her side.

“Closed?” She repeated.

"Yeah. It’s close the whole week."

Asami frowned. She tilted her heads towards the girl, fully taking her in. She was wearing shorts. In thirty degree weather. Not even jean shorts or the comfy sweat fabric kind, but thin, black soccer shorts. And she had really killer legs. Asami wet her lips.

"I’m Asami." She said, offering the girl her hand. She returned the gesture with a firm, callousness hand.


"Um, is there any particular reason you’re in shorts?" Asami asked. Curiosity had gotten the better of her.

"I was running. I’m staying over break, so I thought I’d take advantage of the empty campus." Korra answered, smiling. Ah, of course. That explained the dark blue hoodie and running shoes, and the drooping, stubby ponytail.

"Oh. Aren’t you cold?" She asked, an eyebrow raised.

"Not really. I grew up in Alaska, I’m used to it." Korra answered. "But you look like you’re freezing," she smiled, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear, "d’you want to go grab a coffee with me?"

"Yeah. Yes. That sounds amazing." She responded.

Thankfully, the campus cafe was close enough to the library that Asami didn’t have to suffer the cold much longer. She stepped into the enveloping warmth of the cafe, and her shoulders dipped in relief. Korra stepped beside her in line, her clothed shoulder grazing hers just slightly. Asami swallowed thickly, and turned her attention to the barista. She ordered something, she quickly forgot as soon as the words left her lips, and she vaguely heard Korra ordering a hot chocolate. Korra paid, shooting Asami a lop sided, but firm smile.

Once they received their drinks, they settled across from one another at a booth. Asami sipped her drink, and sighed contentedly as the warmth of it settled through her. She heard Korra laugh, and she looked at the girl.

"So, you’re here for break, too?" Korra asked. She looked up at Asami, elbows propped up on the table as she cradled her cup in bare palms.

"Yeah. My Dad and I…aren’t on the best terms. I figured I would stay here for the holidays until everything blew over." She explained. Dread settled in the pit of her stomach at the thought of the awkward call she would be forced to make on Christmas day.

"I’m sorry." Korra said, leaning forward.

Asami sighed. “It’s not a big deal. And you? Why aren’t you going back to Alaska for Christmas?” She asked. The deflection was easy, more of a habit than anything.

"It’s an expensive trip. I’m here on scholarship, you know the O.W.L academic and athletic one? I can’t take downtime right now. My Parents understand." Korra responded, shrugging.

"You must miss them." Asami prompted.

"I do. They’re proud of me, though." She said. She looked up, the corners of her eyes wrinkled. "So, what are you studying? What’s your major?" She asked.


Her eyebrows rose in surprise, but she nodded. “Wow.”

"It’s interesting. I’ve always been interested in building things." She explained. She cocked her head to the side, attempting to read her expression. "Not what you expected, huh?"

"It’s a good surprise." Korra conceded.

Asami smiled. “What about you?”

"Physical therapy. It’s not as exciting as engineering." She admitted.

Asami shrugged, offering a smile. “You fix people, I fix machines.” She noted, taking another sip of her coffee. Only the dregs remained, and she saw Korra had just emptied hers.

"Hey, are you doing anything tonight? I’m just going to be watching cheap horror movies." Korra asked.

"My favorite. And yeah, I, um, would really like that." She answered. Korra grinned.

"Great. I’m Room 103 in the Gyatso wing. " Asami handed her a pen, and Korra scribbled out her phone and room number.

"So…is this a date?" Asami asked.

"Do you want it to be?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Then it’s a date."










the ugly wizard of the desert


The Red Witch of the East

The Blue Spirit of the Seas

The Dark Troll of the East.

I literally just got the green goblin I’m rly disappoint

the green vampire of the east

The Green Beast of the Dead

The cursed unicorn of the South.

The Dark Pirate of the Shadows



its really important for men to stand up to other men who say terrible and sexist shit

because sexist men dont listen to what women have to say

literally the most important thing men can do if they want to call themselves feminist allies 






Best lesson from a Disney movie

This is an underrated movie

This is a grossly underrated movie.

Can I take a minute to rant? Good. Cuz I’m gonna.

I FLOVE this movie. And I HATE all the stupid hatred it gets. For a long time the buzz was “finally a black princess yay!” and now everyone is like “Fuck this movie, first black princess and she spends the whole movie a frog.”

You know what? Fuck that. Because Ariel spent a good majority of the movie not talking. Mulan spent the majority of the move pretending to be a man. Aurora and Snow White? Asleep (Hardly in the movie at all). They’re all just plot devices, not designed to take away from the traits of the women. 

And you know what else? Unlike some of the other princesses, Tiana is in control of her destiny every step of the way. When she turns into the frog does she lose hope and need rescuing? Hell naw. She busts Naveen over the head and gets the job done. She is consistently responsible and capable even after having her dreams crushed and turning into a freaking frog. 

So don’t tell me that Tiana is “less than” just because she gets turned into a frog. She’s still one of the most hardworking, badass, and capable chicks in animated history and I love her like crazy cakes. 

the end. 

Also? She’s based on a real person. A real woman who is 91 and is still cooking in her kitchen. She’s still widely respected in the culinary community, she’s fed presidents, she’s had songs written about her and her restaurants. She’s 91, and she still wakes up every morning to run things, because she still believes in hard work and good food. And if you don’t think that’s truly fantastic, then you can just fuck right off.



Our dash today. Wow.

Korra Book 4: October 3rd, 2014

Panel 1: [x[x[x[x[x] [x] [x

Panel 2: [x[x[x[x[x[x]

Panel 3: [x[x[x[x[x[x]

Panel 4: [x[x[x[x[x[x[x

Panel 5: [x[x[x[x[x]

Our dash today.  Double wow. 

panel 6

panel 7

panel 8

panel 9

panel 10

panel 11

Panel 6: [x] [x] [x

Panel 7: [x] [x] [x[x] [x

Panel 8: [x[x[x[x[x[x

Panel 9: [x[x[x[x[x

Panel 10: [x[x[x[x[x]

Panel 11: [x[x[x] [x] [x]







So yeah I can see how many fingers you’re holding up



Is this accurate? Is this what it’s actually like to not be able to see clearly?




Yes please, explain to me again how this has nothing to do with sexism.



Read the whole thing. If you have the urge to skip it, that’s because you have the option to skip it. It isn’t directed at you 24/7. And we need to fix this bullshit.


Finally finished up the redraw of korra I was doing (from the last scene in book 3)

I thought it was going to come out in a completely different direction but I’m okay with how it finished

Edit// I decided to upload the other version I had (just a different colored overlay layer)


another korra with short hair! ahhh I can’t wait

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